Tuesday, 7 May 2013

10 beers to 'go to', AKA my Top Ten goto beers.

I have been monumentally slack in writing any fantastic blog pieces for the last month.  There aren't any especially good reasons for this, but here is my attempt to make my excuses anyway.

Work has been crazy.  Cliched, but true.  My job has recently involved me applying for my own job and simultaneously moving to a new building.  It has been pressured.

Family stuff.  This never goes away (for anyone).  Thus, a rubbish excuse.

Birmingham Beer Bash.  Ah now, this one is genuine.  In [brilliantly] managing the social media arms for this wonderful, upcoming celebration of progressive beer, I have found myself becoming increasingly confused: which 'voice' am I talking in today?  Who am I representing?  Have I got anything interesting to say?  Now on the latter point the answer is obviously 'Yes'.  Why?  Well, the BBB is shaping up very nicely indeed.  Loads of great brewers are on board and people are working very hard behind the scenes. Not me (obviously), but others.  I'm the type of glory hunter who likes to associate themselves with success*, therefore I want to associate myself with this fest.  Keep an eye on local media over the coming months - I will be trying to make myself famous and steal all the credit.

*I'm a Leicester City fan.

Anyway, after that extended preamble, here's the succulent fillet of this post, i.e. here comes some juicy meat.

Top 10s - we all love them.  Here, without ado is a list which I have come up with tonight, of 10 beers which I would like to 'go to' whenever possible.  These are 10 beers I would like to have in my fridge/cupboard/ottoman at all times.  If I won the lottery, I would buy a crate of each and hand them out to tradespeople, whenever the fancy took me. 

For the sake of brevity, I haven't bothered to try and define what constitutes a 'goto' beer.  Use your own interpretative powers - you won't be far off.  <no particular order>.

1.  Rodenbach Grand Cru.  I'm drinking one now.  It's a sour, funky pleasure.

2.  Svyturys Baltas.  A delicious white hefeweizen from Lithuania.  The best looking beer on the planet.
3.  Jever.  My favourite lager.  A dry grass temptress.

4.  Lion Stout.  Smooth, strong, supremely drinkable.  I've just entered a competition to win a case of this on Facebook.

5.  Westmalle Tripel.  I have a thing for Tripels.  This may well be my favourite.  Is it yours?

6.  Brodies London Lager.  I want this every moment of the day.  You don't know how much I want it.

7.  Cantillon Gueuze.  I used to underrate it.  I no longer do so.  The fact that the Craven Arms now sells it for a bargain price may have something to do with my new-found, glowing fondness for it. 

8.  Ska Modus Hoperandi.  A canned IPA?  Yes.  Squelchingly hoppy and delectable.

9.  Oakham Green Devil.  If only they'd continue to bottle it (SOB).

11.  Schneider Hopfenweisse.  A booming Weizen Bock, with US hops.  Always a source of fulfilment.

12.  Fruh Kolsch.  You'd have to be demented not to love Kolsch and/or be able to differentiate between different Kolschs.

13.  Thornbridge Jaipur.  Discussed ad nauseum.  For good reason.  

Sorry that was a bit short.  I'll try to feed you some Birmingham Beer Bash snippets in the upcoming weeks.
For the avoidance of doubt, this is NOT a sponsored post.  No one would be stupid enough to pay me for this rubbish.  However, if you are loaded and gullible, why not buy me a few crates of beer? - I'll make it worth your while.**


**I won't.