Friday, 16 March 2012

Brewdog Birmingham

This is exciting news, non?

Brewdog, who have long been urged to head to Birmingham, by all right minded beer fans, now seem to be heading in our direction, faster than I dared hope.

Here is the blog post where they ask for feedback on the potential location of their Second City joint:

Now The Victoria might not agree* but this seems like a logical location - 5 minutes from New Street Station, 5 minutes from Broad Street, 5(ish) minutes from the Chinese Quarter, 5 minutes from New Street (and the Post Office Vaults).  Sounds pretty equidistant to me.

Obviously many a slip twixt cup and lip etc, but this sounds like a good deal to me.  My brother Foxo has [this very week] reported back very favourably on Brewdog Nottingham; so hopefully someday soon, I'll be able to send him live updates from BD Brum, detailing the delicious IPAs and DIPAs I'm supping.  God speed.

*this is debatable actually.  Nigel Barker (from the Wellington) has always said that he actively welcomes good beer bars opening close to his pubs, as the friendly rivalry helps everyone to raise their standards (and beer fans end up being the winners).  Perhaps with Post Office Vaults, The Victoria and other places not a million miles away, Brum will end up with a nice central crawl and standards will ascend, like a randy tent pole.

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  1. BrewDog Birmingham coming soon, according to the BrewDog website! At last