Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Double Trouble (a lightweight blog 'piece' on the theme of duos/twos)

In the midst of an existential beer bloggers' crisis, I have struggled over the problem of how (as a wannabe blogger and erstwhile promoter of good beer practices in Brum) to balance my loyalty towards a long term stalwart (and pioneer of Birmingham's good beer scene), with the pressing claim of a younger upstart.

As such, and in complete avoidance of the subject, I am hereby attaching photos of some beer duos, purchased from the two premier beer shops in Brum:

First up: Nogne Blonde and Nogne Brun

 Now, here's Leikeim Steinbier and Allgauer Oster Festbier.  I really must find out what Steinbier actually is.

Now then.  Pannepot is one of the greatest beers in the World.  But here are it's brothers: Pannepeut and Pannepot Grand Reserva.

Finally, two German lagers.  Well, that is a Pilsner and a Hell. 

I shall be attempting to, and indeed have been sampling these during the week beginning last Saturday.  Check my Ratebeer page to see what I thought of them.

If nothing else, this has been a bit of gratuitous beer porn for you.  That's all.

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