Friday, 13 January 2012

Friday afternoon, an early finish, and another stolen crawl

God bless the Wellington for having an interactive beer board which lets you see what is on, in 'real time'.  It's a shame that there aren't more beers 'on', more frequently, which tantalise my tastebuds, but hey ho.  This afternoon though, they had an Allgates and Saltaire, so the chance of a double your money, Brucie bonus beckoned.  Not a roaring success though really:

i) the Allgates Winter Warmer, was slightly akin to licking an over-warmed, honey and rosehip lathered innertube; whilst

ii) the Saltaire Rye Pale Ale had a yawn of balanced, tasty hops, but didn't really turn up to the party wearing its party trousers. Shame.

But still.  Don't be downhearted brethren, for I skipped and gambolled across New Street and down to the Post Office Vaults, the lovely new venture, now occupying the old Royal Mail.  Yes, it smells of paint and yes there was a really annoying customer grilling each person who had the temerity to order a pint, but even so, it was a worthwhile [brief] visit.

I have now popped into the POV about 5 times since it opened in December and my emotions towards it vascillate up and down like a bride's nightie.  What am I on about?  Well I started off with massive expectations as someone mentioned that it would be a 'craft' beer venue :) >>> but then it turned out that they wouldn't be serving kegged ales :( >>> then I realised that it had a fantastic selection of Belgian beers - something Brum has been crying our for :) >>> then I had two horrible halves of Byatts beers (not sure whether this was due to beer quality or what really) :( >>> then I popped in today and had a Thornbridge McConnells Vanilla Stout :) >>> and realised that they are now stocking 2 x de Molen beers :) :) amongst other bottled treats. 

Phew! No wonder I'm exhausted.

On the whole, I think the POV may be on track to dislodge the Wellington in the hotly disputed contest to be the place that offers the best beer range in the City.  Certainly it's too early for them to get cocky (I'm sure they won't), but if you are looking for 6 reasonable ales and 100+ Belgian bottles, in a central Brum location, then you will struggle to find somewhere else called the Post Office Vaults, which is as good as this one.

Once home I had intended to sup a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale tonight also, but on reflection I'll have some chocolate biscuits and a cup of tea instead, because my Fantasy Football team won't choose itself.

Fridays are exciting aren't they?

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  1. The PO Vaults is an extension of (one half of) the Welly management's pub interests in the city, so I think there won't be "competition" between the two as such. And I'd say cockiness is a given ;-)