Monday, 9 January 2012


I probably should have introduced myself earlier.

I'm Dan. I love trying new beers and I love visiting good pubs.  What do I mean by good?  I generally mean pubs that serve a good range of good beers.  What do I mean by good beers?  Oh I don't know, probably I mean beers that are brewed with integrity and passion, which have interesting, distinct flavours.  Usually I also like beers with lots of hops.

Since 2003 I have also been rating beers.  Here's my page on Ratebeer. I had a break between 2007-2010, but I have resumed my duties now.

I also like putting together Beer Maps >>>> here's one for Birmingham.

Given half a chance, I'd spend every other Saturday gallivanting round the country sampling the wares of hot new brewers, but on balance, it's probably better that I behave like a responsible parent.  

Sorry, this post was a bit functional wasn't it?  Probably necessary though.

(occurrences of the word probably in this post - 4)

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