Thursday, 17 January 2013

Superfluous Beer Photos

In a transparent attempt to put out a blog post which doesn't require much text, here are a few beer photographs (all taken by myself), which I have taken during the past few months.

1. The truly delicious Baltas from Svyturys.  This is a Lithuanian Hefeweizen, although actually, I think it sits stylistically, mid-way between a German Weisse and a Belgian Witbier.

 2. Castel from Ethiopia.  Pretty ropey Lager.

3. Phoenix from Mauritius.  Another pretty ropey Lager.

4. Coral from Madeira.  Another pretty ropey Lager.  (Is this getting boring yet?)

5. Oakham's AWESOME Green Devil IPA.  Justifiably considered one of the UK's greatest beers.  Pictured here in the lovely Bartons Arms. 

6. The highly delicious Schneider Hopfenweisse, a hoppy German Weizen Bock.  Yum. 

7. Leute Bokbier from Belgium, in the Post Office Vaults.  Note the extremely strange glass, which is egg-shaped, sitting on a wooden block, with concave gap.  (Sorry for rubbish photo).

8. Idiot [Imperial] IPA from Coronado.  A delicious assault on all the senses. 

9. The awe inspiring Beer Geek Breakfast from Mikkeller.  Truly one of the world's great beers. 

10. From the sublime to the ridiculous.  Saris from Slovakia - an average Lager. 

11. Volfas Engelman Stalo - a rather dignified and tasty Lithuanian Lager.  (n.b. the Tic Tacs were not mine, so I can't confirm whether they tasted as good as they looked). 

12. The Waggon and Horses, Halesowen.  Awesome boozer.

13. The Windsor Castle, Lye.  Imperious brewery tap for Sadlers, and inaugural winner of Mediocre Beer Adventures' Birmingham and Black Country Pub of the Year 2012.  

14. The rather ropey and duplicitous Zlata Praha from Ukraine, which masquerades as a Czech Lager.  For a few days after drinking this I rather thought it had given me the 'two-bob bits', but 'luckily' it turned out that I merely had Norovirus, so that was a relief.

16. And finally, always a pleasure - SCANNERS from Kernel, in collaboration with Brodies.  Because hey, you can't drink mediocre beer all the time. 

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