Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Birmingham Beer Bash, which is a progressive beer festival

This is unusual.  In normal circumstances, when writing a blog post, I just sort of prat around and generally make rather a show of myself.

This time however, I want stroke a differing note.  This time I am reporting on something meaningful, concrete and above all - exciting.

The Birmingham Beer Bash is a festival which will take place on 26th and 27th July.  It has been in the pipeline for a while, but having settled upon a brilliant, city centre location, it now has no choice but to be real.  No longer will it exist only as an abstract possibility; but by sheer force of intent and raging desire, it hath forced itself skywards, screaming for life.

The main thing I'd like to say at this stage is/are theses:

1) Our festival will be a collective effort. 
The organising team are not hardened marketing gurus, or grizzled brewery tycoons - we are beer fans first and foremost.  We (and I include I in this) have sat back watching the craft beer scene bubble and fizz in cities around the UK, wondering when our turn would come.  In the end, we decided to make it happen for ourselves.  In putting this fest together, we are going to utilise hard work, passion and the spirit of cooperation.  We are reaching out to like minded, prospective partners: people who also want to deliver a shed load of the very best beers into the mouths of an expectant Birmingham audience.

2) We love great beer. 
Let's talk about quality.  It's a matter of opinion, certainly; but it's also something tangible and tantalising.  Our team shares an appreciation of what the UK's best brewers are creating right now: a scene stuffed with hops, flavour, wit and style.  We want to bring the very brightest British and World brewers under one roof, (located in a Birmingham postcode), to give the venerable folk of the Midlands, a chance to be a part of this revolution, which is now encroaching upon our beer drinking lives.

3) It won't be much of a festival without you.
 I mean that.  We mean that.  We are bringing the best beer to Brum, so that you can drink it.  We will try to drink it also, but we'll be busy serving you.  So please come. Bring your chums and sample some fantastic brews.  See what the fuss is all about.  Have a ball.

We will keep you up to date via Twitter and Facebook.  Our website will appear shortly.

I will, at some point, introduce you to the team behind the event; a team you can join as a volunteer (which is what we are also).

As for me, I have but a small part.  You may read my words promoting this event, but most of all I hope you will read my passion and excitement.

Until July then.  Let the days count down.   

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