Friday, 13 April 2012

Birmingham #Twissup

This is a calling notice.  A belated one.

Birmingham Twissup has been scheduled for next Saturday - Saturday the 21st April.  Having no idea what a Twissup should, or should not entail, a 'programme' has been devised as follows:

4.00 - Lamp Tavern, Highgate (for backstreet charm)

6.00 - Anchor, Digbeth (allegedly holding a Festival that day)

8.00 - Post Office Vaults (to express our inner beer geeks)

Apart from those few pointers, there are no guidelines as such.

If you are able to, please pop along and say "Hi".  I have no idea how we will recognise each other, but it's the ideal chance to try walking around the pub shaking hands with random strangers - which is certainly something I've always wanted to 'have a go at'.

Perhaps I should warn these pubs that we will be dropping by.  Not sure.  I might do.

Come on chaps and chapesses, let's make this happen.  Let's inaugurate Brum as a happening beer city.  Lets start the movement.  



  1. Hope you have a good one, unfortunately (or not!) I will be in Munich so not able to attend and meet you, but I'm sure you'll have a grand time!

  2. I'm sure you and I should be recognisable enough from our twitter profile pics, and Maverine/Beer Beauty as well. I'll see you at the PO Vaults definitely. The Anchor depends on when I get away from Stourbridge.

  3. Tania - I'm sure you will find some crumbs of comfort in your enormous steins of delicious lager!

    Mr David - sounds good to me.

  4. Not sure sure if The Anchor have a beer festival that day?

    The Wellington have one on that weekend.

    Worth checking out after the POV! say 10pm?

    1. As long as there are some pennies left in my wallet, this sounds like a good plan!

  5. Have an excellent inaugural Birmingham Twissup. Sorry I can't make it but I shall be painting the streets of Cardiff red that weekend. I will be sure to toast to its success though.

    Also enjoy the Welly's beer fest if you make it. To be fair its like a beer festival every day in that place!