Monday, 16 April 2012

Brand New! Off Licence Project

In Birmingham, we all know that Stirchley Wines and Spirits rock the party as far as offies are concerned.

That being said, there are other places we will all need to pop into now and again to pick up beer - sometimes because we happen to be in a certain part of Birmingham, sometimes because I am we are too lazy to get on the Number 11 bus and head to see Krishan.

Because these occasions arise, and because SWS don't have enough space to stock those questionable lagers which so tickle my fancy, I have been known to nose around in all sorts of wacky off licences.  We all have.

But we don't have a directory of these second rung off licences do we?  How can we gain a knowledge of which Ukrainian lagers might be right on our doorsteps?  Here's how.

I have instigated a brand new Google Map of Birmingham's 'better' off licences, for which I humbly request your assistance.  The job has begun, but you will need to let me know of places which deserve to go on.  Places like Cotteridge Wines, Casper and Lituanica.

Please use the comments section of this post to name any off licences which have interesting beers, lots of beers or a mixture of the two.  The prototype map is linked here: Birmingham Off Licences

Check back regularly, to see how it is being updated.


  1. They'd not be happy if you described them as Birmingham but Global Wines in Bearwood have a great selection of bottled ales (inc. Bathams). They were my local offy and I still make the occasional pilgrimage.

  2. Yep, popped in there the other day. Deserves its place.

  3. Drinksville on Woodbridge Road in Moseley has a reasonable range of real ales, and probably lagers too - I don't pay much attention to those.

  4. Is that the one which used to be called Empire Wines? If so I do recall it used to have some good oddments. It's in.

  5. Bernies in Shirley?

  6. Drinksworld in Harborne on the High St? I don't really buy beer there but it's an independent option.

  7. Isn't there also a second Bernie's near the Acocks Green roundabout (or is that area actually Shirley)?

    Rai Wines, Harborne Lane - haven't been in for a few years but I know they used to have an interesting selection (if a little overpriced and sometimes out of date ;-) - might be worth a recce visit first though before including it.

    Drinks World, Harborne High St - interesting selection if you're new-ish to beers (not often something different found for a jaded beer-seeker like me though ;-)

    Wine Stop, Raddlebarn Road - up and coming selection of beers, also amazing whisky collection!

    If I think of others, I'll let you know

  8. Manor Wines, Manor Lane, Quinton. He has a good selection of real ales from breweries such as Bewdley, Hobsons, Bathams, Wye Valley and more. Open 2pm until late

  9. What about Vino in Kings Norton. An independent. Brilliant selection, good service and he will get in brands for you if you ask. Good selection of beers,Lagers, wines and unusual vodkas!

  10. I take it you've already checked this out:

  11. This is fantastic. Payday Friday, day off Saturday. Know what I'm doing now.

  12. Carl - yep RB places logged.

    Elizabeth - I've not heard of Vino, what sort of beers do they have?

    Conntba - I've found a Beacon Wines on Manor Lane, is it the same place?

    Tania - do you have an address for Wine Stop? I can't find it on Google Maps?

    Tom - I dread to think what you are planning to do.... oh, you mean buying beer! Phew, was worried for a minute.

  13. Went to Drinksville in Moseley on Woodbridge Road today. I definitely would not put it on the map. It has a good amount of different beers I suppose, but nothing whatsoever out of the ordinary. Still, it's your map!

  14. Wine Stop 75 Raddlebarn Road, Selly Park, Birmingham B29 7DA. Yep, outstanding whisky selection, smaller beer selection but it has some interesting and different stuff.

    Also, tried to visit Michls Wine Stores as per the map today - it does not exist.

  15. Thanks Bish. I will reserve judgment on Drinksville and try to visit soon. Michls is a gonner though, hope you didn't go too far out of your way.

  16. Was not a problem going there, glad to help.

    Went to Cotteridge today, their range is becoming outstanding - improving considerably each time I go. They have added Rogue, Birrificio Lambrate, Revolutions, Moor, Buxton, Gouden Carolus and loads of others I don't know yet - a massive German range. They said they also have Stone and Beer Geek on order.

    The owners don't know their beer, but they know how to buy it in and they offer good value.