Thursday, 12 April 2012

Quiz Night at the Brown Lion

Last night I was happy to pay a return visit to the Brown Lion, which as you know, is the Two Towers' brewery tap, in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter.

The pub is still gloriously spartan, but has a acquired a few knick-knacks to fill it out a bit (e.g. some logs).  It also seems to have dropped it's range of foreign bottled beers (boo), but does offer a nice menu of pub grub (hooray). 

(Very happily) TT seem to be going from strength to strength as a brewer, with slicker pump clips, and more consistent beer.

Unusually for me, I stayed in the pub for a prolonged period, rather than flitting from place to place drinking halves.  This was because I was socialising with normal people and felt obliged to try and be a bit more 'normal' - but in the end I'm glad I made the effort.  Over the course of the evening I sampled pints of Complete Muppetry - a very tasty tropical-hopped Golden Ale; Mott St Mild - a deliciously smooth and chocolatey, jet black Mild; and Baskerville Bitter, a robust, traditional effort.  This was genuinely pleasing: the Complete Muppetry was as good as the first time I tried it - fruity, smooth and aromatic, whilst the Mild was moreish, smooth and gently tasty.  Well done Two Towers - now you just need to start pumping out some experimental specials, to build on your solid core range.

The other bonus of the evening was achieving a victory in the Brown Lion's inaugural Wednesday night quiz.  Unfortunately for everyone else, the quizmaster played straight into my cohort's specialism and gave us both a 'music' round and an 'album cover' round.  It was a massacre.

Generally, I believe that the Brown Lion already enjoys a positive reputation amongst Brum beer fans, so it only remains for me to tell them to keep up the good work, and for patrons to keep patronising it.  It should also be reiterated that the Jewellery Quarter now offers a very nice little beer crawl, taking in the Red Lion, Drop Forge, Rose Villa Tavern, Brown Lion and the Lord Clifden.  You could even tack the Church Tavern on the end.


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  1. Well done for winning the quiz Dan! I'm a big fan of the Brown Lion (had several games of drunken scrabble there). Is the quiz a weekly event now?